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March 2014

First Trailer for ROBOT AND FRANK

by toki
The first trailer for the indie comedy Robot and Frank has been released.

Meet DARPA’s new generation of robots – Michael Belfiore – Aeon

by sbrothier
The invasion’s already in progress: the only question is when, not if, humanoid robots will work, play and war beside us

January 2014

LEGO 3D Printer

by sbrothier
The LEGO 3D Printer allows you to transform your LEGO Digital Designer creations into real life models. The printer is Arduino controlled and can build any model within a 20x20 grid.

August 2013

July 2013

Prix d’un aspirateur robot

by ch.rescan
Combien coûte un aspirateur robot ? Plusieurs facteurs influencent le prix de vente. Avec, apprenez à choisir le bon aspirateur robot !

May 2013

Imprimez votre robot chez vous ! | AMUSEMENT.NET

by sbrothier
Fabriquez votre propre robot humanoïde grâce à votre imprimante 3D ! Gael Langevin est en train de créer un robot imprimé en 3D dont les plans sont open source et disponible sur Thingiverse. InMoov est toujours en train d’être construit mais vous pouvez d’ores et déjà imprimer les épaules, biceps et mains du robot. Les autres parties seront disponibles au fur et à mesure de l’avancement de Gael. En plus d’une imprimante 3D, vous aurez besoin d’Arduino, de servo moteurs, de batteries et d’une bonne dose de patience pour venir à bout de ce projet.

April 2013

March 2013

February 2013

Calling out the ‘Bots

by tyteu
tools for Data Extractions from Twitter and bot problem

January 2013

robot vortex

by toki
robot de piscines

LEGO mindstorms EV3 programmable robots controlled by smartphone

by sbrothier
unveiled at the 2013 CES in las vegas, LEGO has introduced its third generation of 'mindstorm' programmable robotics platform, marking the first time that users can program directly onto the 'EV3 intelligent brick'. previously, users could only program the robots from a computer, running the application through the robot. powered by an by an ARM processor with a linux operating system, the 'brick' integrates 16 MB of embedded flash memory, 64MB of RAM, and an SD expansion slot. using USB 2.0, wi-fi and bluetooth and four additional ports, the EV3 system becomes compatible with iOS and android, letting users control their creations through smartphones or tablets.

December 2012

The Sculpture of Christopher Conte

by sbrothier
While a strong connection with future technologies is present in all of Chris’ work, ancient techniques such as lost-wax bronze casting have become an integral part of the process as well. The process involved in creating just one sculpture can often take weeks or even months.

October 2012

Musée des arts et métiers : Expositions temporaires

by sbrothier
Du rêve ancien de l'automate aux robots chirurgiens, les androïdes et autres êtres artificiels dévoilent tous leurs secrets dans l'exposition Et l'Homme créa... le robot au Musée des arts et métiers, du 30 octobre 2012 au 3 mars 2013. Une exposition inédite dédiée à celui qui peut apprendre, raisonner, interpréter, s'adapter et développer ses capacités: Le robot !

September 2012

August 2012

Belkin : Wemo

by sbrothier (via)
WeMo is a family of simple, ingenious products that allow you to control home electronics from anywhere. Turn them on or off, trigger them with motion, even put them on a schedule.

May 2012

“Tomorrow Never Knows” | First shots

by sbrothier
An interactive documentary series, an international online community, a time visualization tool, a six month event... Tomorrow Never Knows is an innovative project to understand what we can wish, expect or fear from technology in the coming 50 years.

AREAWARE Cubebot - Medium - Style # DWC1, Modern and contemporary kid's accessories at

by sbrothier
Robot toys are usually made of plastic and require batteries - but not this one! Inspired by the Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, the Cubebot is a non-traditional take on the toy robot by joining ancient Japanese traditions with contemporary toy culture.

April 2012

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