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Mac 4 Ever : L'iPhone détient 49 % du trafic web mobile pour les smartphone

by nhoizey
« iPhone [est] rien moins que leader mondial, avec 49 % de part de marché, loin devant Nokia et ses 32 % ou RIM et ses 7%. »


TechCrunch Japanese アーカイブ » RIMが検索でMicrosoftを採用

by kuroyagi
"MicrosoftとRIMが今日(米国時間9/11)、BlackBerryのスマートフォンの全機種にMicrosoft Live Searchを乗せる契約を結んだと発表した。"

2006 - Blackberry forums, software & themes

by changeme & 1 other
PINStack Blackberry forums, User Guides, Articles & FAQs database, themes & software downloads, RIM software support groups, reviews for accessories and software, PIN messaging & ring tones


US Government Concerned about RIM Lawsuit

by teleclick
The American government has expressed concerns regarding the ongoing patent infringement case against Ontario-based Research in Motion, and its popular BlackBerry mobile computing device.

High Speed BlackBerry Coming to Canada

by teleclick
Research in Motion has just announced that the BlackBerry 8700r wireless handheld device will become available to Canadian consumers, starting on November 29th.

RIM to Release New Intel-Powered BlackBerry

by teleclick
Research in Motion has just unveiled the latest version of its popular BlackBerry device, which analysts say is the closest that they've ever come to making a true handheld computer.

Nokia vs. RIM: May the Best Company Win

by teleclick
It appears that Nokia’s recently announced E Series of mobile phones will soon be in direct competition with RIM’s BlackBerry line of cellular PDAs.

RIM Gets Unexpected Help from Palm

by teleclick
Since last month’s intense optimism among Research in Motion executives, the company has run into a number of difficult obstacles in recent weeks. But the Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM has now struck a deal with their main hardware rival, Palm.

RIM Appeal Rejected, Stock Price Falls

by teleclick
The Waterloo, Ontario-based Research in Motion fell a further 4%, to $75.93, after US courts ruled against their appeal of a recent patent dispute ruling.

RIM to Use Intel Chips in Future Devices

by teleclick
Soon after Palm's announcement that they are planning to release a Windows-based Treo handheld device, Research in Motion is trying to generate additional excitement about their own products.

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