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May 2006

AjaxWorld Special: Creating AJAX and Rich Internet Components with JSF @ JAVA DEVELOPER\'S JOURNAL

by Jeepee & 1 other (via)
Creating AJAX and Rich Internet Components with JSF. JavaServer Faces (JSF) standardizes the server-side component model for Web application development but doesn't standardize the presentation layer at the browser. In a series of articles we are going to look at how JSF can fulfill new presentation requirements without sacrificing application developer productivity building Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

March 2006 - Javeline Developer Center

by jdrsantos & 1 other
The Javeline Developer Center is the one stop shop for developing for the Javeline Rich Internet Application FrameWork. Whether you are looking for code samples, technical overviews, documentation, core team updates or any other information you may need on Javeline development the developer network is here to help. With the JDC we strive to provide you with a clear road map to understanding and working with the Javeline API.

February 2006

Welcome to iRows - iRows

by tangthon & 26 others
New to iRows? This is what we are all about: * Manage your data online, access it anywhere, anytime * Share your data with friends, family or the entire world * Display your data on any web site, change it here, and all sites change automatically * Comput

iOutliner - Organize your ideas.

by tangthon & 16 others
iOutliner is a powerful way to manage your tasks, ideas, and projects in structured lists. Simple to use and customizable to the way you work and best of all its completely FREE.

Nine Tips for Designing Rich Internet Applications

by yuan & 1 other (via)
Nine Tips for Designing Rich Internet Applications


by flxstr & 50 others
open source javascript library for ajax applications

10 個傑出的 Ajax Applications

by yuan
10 個傑出的 Ajax Applications

January 2006

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November 2005

Borders Gifts

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