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December 2006

Lateral Thinking Problems - Preconceptions

by jlesage
The site poses problems in lateral or logical thinking, from easy to hard, with both hints and answers. Great party conversation and something kids will like.

November 2006

group hug // anonymous online confessions

by jlesage & 9 others
like postsecrets but in prose; "type a note about a fault of your own, something you did or thought about and are not proud of"; filters out obvious lies, overtly vulgar, identifying specific others.

Conversations with Dina

by jlesage
post on how students did visual ethnography using Flickr and the tags people put there

Journal E: Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America

by jlesage
one of the most important exhibitions of our time, also raising questions about the ethics of exhibiting violence in our media culture today

Zensufi Park

by jlesage
Zen/sufi stories help those with writer's block or pinned down to traditional narrative arcs

October 2006


by jlesage
well written, much about pedagogy and digital culture, blogging

September 2006

One sentence that relates something true

by jlesage
good for autobiographers, bloggers, screenwriters--folks who want to write pithy impactful accounts of their and others experiences.

June 2006

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