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01 December 2006

Lateral Thinking Problems - Preconceptions

by jlesage
The site poses problems in lateral or logical thinking, from easy to hard, with both hints and answers. Great party conversation and something kids will like.

24 November 2006

Writing Demonstrations

by jlesage
interactive demonstrations of Conducting Electronic Searches; useful both for the information contained and as a demo of web design and writing instructional media in a library context; the larger site is a resource for writers.

20 November 2006

Conversations with Dina

by jlesage
post on how students did visual ethnography using Flickr and the tags people put there

03 November 2006

Jahsonic, a vocabulary of culture

by jlesage
intriguing website taking up themes and critical theories/ists, with many links; check out "index" link on home page

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