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Fédération anti escalator

by rubenxela
Prendre l'escalator c'est bien mais c'est très con. Le saviez vous ?



Small Acts Manifesto

by ghis
"We are discovering better ways of building communities by connecting people. Through this endeavor we have come to value: Trust - which must be respected and never put at risk; Dialog - is the way to establish a truly trustful relationship; Personal Contact - the richest experience, not matched by any media or technology; Transparency - the mean to maintain a sustainable community; Diversity - people have many interests, but if you need a label, label yourself as a human; Self-organization - leaders emerge, but there should be no owners; Example - that's how you must teach, live and learn; Consistency - things take time, intensity is not always the answer; Give, give, give! - you'll be impressed by how fast things will come back; Do it! - as simple as you can, just what is essential to pass it forward."


Google Chrome Frame - Google Code

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
Google Chrome Frame brings Google Chrome's open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer.

Iran = Facebook revolution?

by IResearcher
I share the opinion that Barack Obama was elected by Internet. At the very moment we can see development in Iran, that in the future may be called "Internet revolution", "Facebook revolution" or "Social networks revolution".



Dossiers (Tageszeitung Neues Deutschland)

by rike_
90 Jahre Oktoberrevolution Notizen des Augenzeugen John Reed, Dekret über den Frieden, die Aurora, Deutschlands Rolle, Lenin und Luxemburg, humanistisches Erbe, Chronik der Ereignisse


Wired 14.05: The Next Green Revolution

by multilinko
Renewable energy is plentiful energy. Burning fossil fuels is a filthy habit, and the supply won't last forever. Fortunately, a growing number of renewable alternatives promise clean, inexhaustible power: wind turbines, solar arrays, wave-power flotillas, small hydroelectric generators, geothermal systems, even bioengineered algae that turn waste into hydrogen. The challenge is to scale up these technologies to deliver power in industrial quantities - exactly the kind of challenge brilliant businesspeople love. Efficiency creates value. The number one US industrial product is waste. Waste is worse than stupid; it's costly, which is why we're seeing businesspeople in every sector getting a jump on the competition by consuming less water, power, and materials. What's true for industry is true at home, too: Think well-insulated houses full of natural light, cars that sip instead of guzzle, appliances that pay for themselves in energy savings. Cities beat suburbs. Manhattanites use less energy than most people in North America. Sprawl eats land and snarls traffic. Building homes close together is a more efficient use of space and infrastructure. It also encourages walking, promotes public transit, and fosters community. Quality is wealth. More is not better. Better is better. You don't need a bigger house; you need a different floor plan. You don't need more stuff; you need stuff you'll actually use. Ecofriendly designs and nontoxic materials already exist, and there's plenty of room for innovation. You may pay more for things like long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, but they'll save real money over the long term.

by twhitsett & 177 others (via)
>The social music revolution

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