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đź“› HACK - VIDEO - Applied Hacking channel - Samy Kamkar - YouTube

by decembre
SITE: Applied Hacking channel. I'm releasing original research, tools and videos around hacking, technology and security - typically around reverse engineering, coding, software, hardware, radio, electronics, fabrication and physical security (as in physical lock picking, not as in flying karate chops). Full source code, schematics, 3D models, and documentation will often be provided, and I'll go step by step into many of these projects so you can follow along, and build even better things! If I don't forget, I'll also explain how to protect yourself from such attacks and methods to improve security.





by rike_
Minimig stands for Mini Amiga. Minimig is an FPGA-based re-implementation of the original Amiga 500 hardware. In it's current form, Minimig is a single PCB measuring only 12*12cm which makes it the smallest "Amiga" ever made and the first new "Amiga" in almost 14 years! Minimig is available for download as an open-source / open-hardware design under the GNU public license.

Obfuscation simple de code avec HT Editor

by devloop
Utilisation du désassembleur / éditeur d'exécutables en ncurses HT Editor pour offusquer le code et rendre le reverse engineering plus difficile.

Tutoriel d'utilisation de HT Editor

by devloop
Comment utiliser HT Editor, un désassembleur en ncurses sous Linux.

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