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by keusta & 2 others
Joie de la vie de tout freelance qui se respecte, le retard de paiement doucement transformé en impayé est un casse-tête dont la solution est pourtant disponible sur Internet. Ici par exemple.


Le Paris-Tours et Le Mans-Paris, des trains à la traîne - Libération

by night.kame

Mais Marc Gricourt, le maire PS de la ville, a trouvé, malgré lui, l’argument imparable : «J’ai reçu le président de la SNCF pour une réunion de travail. Il est arrivé par le train… avec un retard de dix-huit minutes.»

La SNCF reste égalitaire.


Berlin Tegel, les avions à l'arrivée et au départ, annulations et retards

by axel
Berlin Tegel, les avions à l'arrivée et au départ, annulations et retards.

Berlin Schönefeld, les avions à l'arrivée et au départ, retard et vols annulés

by axel & 1 other
Berlin Schönefeld, les avions à l'arrivée et au départ, retard et vols annulés.


Road Blog: Jill Biden in Pennsylvania, Sept. 5, 2008

by starmuscle
FROM BARACK OBAMA'S WEBSITE AND NEWSLETTER: Jill and Joe Biden traveled together throughout the lush state of Pennsylvania yesterday, speaking to audiences at the Ironworkers Local 401 in Philadelphia and Maple Point Middle School in Langhorne. Jill introduced her husband by describing how the two met. She said Joe always supported her dreams and encouraged her to get a doctorate in education. Today, Jill works as a community college professor and passionately supports the improvement of the education system. She talks about how thrilled she is that the teachers of America will finally have strong leadership under the Obama-Biden Administration. She said:I think we make a great team -- both our families -- the Bidens and the Obamas. I hope that your families will join our team as well.Please enjoy this video of Jill describing her husband and hero, Joe Biden. Sharon Barnes En route to Wilmington, Delaware

Taco Bell Bacon Club Chalupa

by starmuscle
Taco Bell Bacon Club Chalupa yo quiero vistar el bano Calories: 490 Fat: 31 g Sodium: 970 mg Sure this Chalupa looks tempting, but we wouldn't advise getting half your daily fat from one menu item. For a slightly smaller, but healthier item, order the spicy chicken soft taco, which contains 6 fat grams, 170 calories and 580 milligrams of sodium. Attached Images  

What came first the chicken or the egg ?

by starmuscle
This should have been the first poll that I did. Has this question ever been really answered? The chicken or the egg? With ten billion websites out there, no has has ever tackled this age old question. Are you going to use science or faith to answer this question? Maybe this is the fundamental question which separates mankind.....

Don't get eaten by animals

by starmuscle
Here's a funny letter from Mozambioue. I bet the vacation packages are pretty cheap. Attached Images  

Man Makes Fake Beard To Accept Lottery Check

by starmuscle
NEW YORK, April 16 (UPI) - A New York lottery winner said he disguised himself with a marker-drawn beard when he accepted his prize to protect his new fortune from thieves.Michael Perez, 51, said he used a marker to draw a goatee on his face and further disguised himself with a hat and sunglasses so thieves would not recognize him while he accepted the $14 million ceremonial check from the New York Lottery, the New York Post reported Wednesday."I've got to look out for my family," Perez said of his disguise.Perez, a former warehouse worker who recently became unemployed, said he used a portion of his income-tax refund to buy a lottery ticket with six randomly chosen numbers: 1, 8, 10, 31, 52 and 57.The choice paid off for Perez in the state's April 1 drawing."The first thing I want to do is take care of all my debts," "But before I do anything serious, I've got to go to Disney World." he said.



by zboog
My name is Andy Milonakis. When I say "Hi." to people sometimes I pretend I'm that Neon car in those old commercials. I like interesting people, music and acting like a flippin retard. Someone congratulate me on using "flippin", it was my first time and

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