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June 2007

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | In which we narrowly save Dare from inventing his own publishing protocol

by mbertier & 1 other
Ah, so if these issues just turn out to be misunderstandings on your part then Microsoft will just use the APP and not roll out its own protocol? I'm so glad to hear that.

WADL waffling

by mbertier (via)
Joe Gregorio answered some questions about WADL in his post "Do we need WADL?". Also note that Leonard Richardson has chimed in recently on the WADL issue. And I of course have some different thoughts. :-)

March 2007

Automatic Multi Language Program Library Generation for REST APIs

by mbertier (via)
Besides all these negative points, there are very strong positive points as well. OK, SOAP/WSDL might not be the best choice for every application, but for many at least it is a not so bad one. And even if code generation does not always work perfectly, it usually saves a lot of work. There is just this feeling that there should be something simpler, more straight-forward, and more intuitive. And then REST enters the stage. It is not that REST by definition is easier than SOAP/WSDL. In fact, for machines it is not easier at all.

InfoQ: WADL REST API description language getting some attention

by mbertier & 2 others, 3 comments (via)
Last week, Google's Thomas Steiner unveiled that he is working on a Google project for generating language specific client libraries from WADL and generating WADL from documentation examples, tentatively called Google REST Compile and Google REST Describe. Thomas chose WADL as the description language to be used with the new tool, after examining all the alternatives

InfoQ: WADL REST API description language getting some attention

by ddelangle & 2 others, 3 comments
To define and describe a web-service API, many developers would use WSDL. Although WSDL is meant to be extensible to any protocol and message format, most people use it for HTTP GET/POST and SOAP, when writing to WS-* standards. On the other hand, developers writing a REST API using XML over HTTP typically don't use WSDL, or any other standardized definition/description of the API.

February 2007

Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | REST and WS-*

by mbertier & 2 others (via)
If there are many clients then the demands for caching semantics will be begin to dominate. In that case you need to abandon HTTP as just a simple transport and start using the application level semantics of HTTP to start leveraging the caching architecture already built into the Internet.

rest-discuss : Message: Sun proposes to apply Web service standardization principles to REST

by mbertier (via)
This is like asking Karl Rove and Dick Cheney to write the Democratic Party platform.

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