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4store - Scalable RDF storage

by parmentierf
4store, an efficient, scalable and stable RDF database. Système de gestion de base de données RDF open source pour des grands volumes de données (annonce 15 milliards de triplets !!). Propose un sparql endpoint, une API REST pour ajouter ou enlever des données, un système de backup. Pas de précision sur la façon de supporter les graphes nommés. Pas de support de Jena ou Sesame.


Qi4j: REST EntityStore and SPARQL EntityFinder = rich client web apps!

by night.kame

For the finder part I have implemented a SPARQL backend, which internally delegates to Sesame2, which is the same default index/query that is used to find Entities in general. This in itself is pretty cool, because it means that you can write your domain model in Java, have it be automatically persisted in a store like Neo4j, and then with no extra effort expose it through SPARQL for AJAX webapps to consume (both RDF/XML and JSON output is supported today). Minimally writing a domain model only involves writing Java interfaces (no classes), so it's pretty easy to get started.

Tant de choses à tester...


Restful semantic web services

by greut
an outline for what a restful semantic web services would look like.

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