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How To Manage Apache Resources Limits With mod_slotlimit (Debian Etch) | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by camel
mod_slotlimit is an Apache module that using dynamic slot allocation algorithm and static rules, can manage resources used for each running site.



by kobo & 17 others
un blog de graphiste intéressant

AvaxHome -> Graphics -> Vector graphics

by kobo
Une bonne banque d'illustrations vectoriels gratuites


·» AWStats how to install & configure, resources, enhancements and extra sections extensions (AWStats open source web log analysis tool) - Antezeta

by camel (via)
This area focuses on resources to enhance the functionality of the web analytics tool AWStats. These resources have been developed based on our client needs. As a contribution, we offer them here. Some may even make it into a future version AWStats!

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