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Responsive images – end of year report | HTML5 Doctor

by srcmax
It’s nearly two years since I suggested a picture element as a strawman proposal as a way to solve the problem of responsive images, so let’s have a look at how we’re doing.


Demos –

by dzc
we’re a group of developers working towards a markup-based means of delivering alternate image sources based on device capabilities.

Responsive Navigation Patterns | Brad Frost Web

by sbrothier & 5 others
Top and left navigations are typical on large screens, but lack of screen real estate on small screens makes for an interesting challenge. As responsive design becomes more popular, it’s worth looking at the various ways of handling navigation for small screen sizes. Mobile web navigation must strike a balance between quick access to a site’s information and unobtrusiveness.


320 and up

by Spone & 1 other
‘320 and Up’ prevents mobile devices from downloading desktop assets by using a tiny screen’s stylesheet as its starting point. Try this page at different window sizes and on different devices to see it in action.

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