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The Biology of B-Movie Monsters

by everyueveryme & 1 other
B-movies sci-fi vs real cientific facts

May 2005

Serenity (2005) the Movie: News, Articles, Resources, Images - CG Explorer

by xaxxy (via)
News and Resources about Universal Studios's Serenity. The feature film based on the Firefly TV series. Release date: 30th September 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia Sony ImageWorks/Rythm & Hues (2005) Movie News, Articles, Images. - CG Explorer

by xaxxy (via)
Latest news about Disney's movie based on C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia. Director: Andrew Adamson. Release date: 9 December 2005.

March 2005

Animation World Network, the Hub of Animation on the Internet

by everyueveryme & 3 others
The Animation World Network is the largest animation-related publishing group on the Internet, providing readers from over 145 countries with a wide range of interesting, relevant and helpful information pertaining to all aspects of animation.

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