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20 September 2005

19 September 2005

using squeak in seaside

by macroron
seaside - Using Squeak - Getting started with Squeak - Download from - Squeak Intro and/or look at the Squeak References - Learn to use Squeak Map - Learn to use Monticello.

17 September 2005

smalltalk tutorials

by macroron
for dolphin, gnu, pocket, squeak, visualAge, visualWorks, object-oriented programming, and more

14 September 2005

the raskin center for humane interfaces top

by macroron & 1 other
about archy - imagine a system where your work can never be lost. Imagine a system where you can do what you want to do -- send email, write a book, make calculations, manipulate pictures -- at all times, without having to switch applications. Imagine a s

13 September 2005

haskell home

by macroron & 2 others
a general purpose, purely functional programming language

12 September 2005

11 September 2005

the fedora community portal - you can leave your hat on

by macroron - the community site for all issues regarding the fedora project.

fedora front

by macroron & 2 others
fedora core web page, fedora people blog aggregator, fedora extras, fedora documentation/development wiki, fedora faq at homelinux, fudcon fedora user and developer conference

10 September 2005

09 September 2005