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by ycc2106
Occipital ClearCam turns your iPhone into a high quality camera with more than double the resolution of the original camera application.

Fadhila Brahimi FB-Associés : [Personal Branding] Comment définir une Vision en 7 points

by fbrahimi
Résolutions pour 2009 ? - 7 Conseils pour formuler une vision à long terme. (note également en lien avec les techniques du "Personal Branding: Comment se démarquer pour se faire chasser en 7 points"). Votre vision c’est Votre projet de vie dans 5-10 ans. Une aide précieuse pour définir vos objectifs et sous objectifs intermédiaires.


ariail cartoon 7-8-08 : Robert Ariail

by bouilloire
Au moins toute cette autosatisfaction mettre notre Nico national de bonne humeur



FixVideoResolutionHowto - Community Ubuntu Documentation

by springnet
I'm not sure that this is the solution that works for the most people actually, but it most certainly is the quickest and easiest one. All we're doing is running the same script that tried to detect your video hardware when you initially installed.

How to get widescreen resolution in Linux?

by linuxmint (via)
If you own a laptop with widescreen resolution such as 1280x768, 1280x800 or 1400x1050, you might have encountered that problem. XWindow shows up in 1024x768, and it doesn't fill the entire width of the screen. If your laptop's graphic card is an Intel 800 or 900 series (Intel 845G, 855G, 865G, 915G, 915GM, and 945G), there is a very easy solution to fix this.


by jackysee (via)
Google Map 提高了衛星圖片解象度


new year resolution

by ryanne
[wednesday, 09 february 2005] same as always...600 dpi...

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