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Cocktail Santé

by Gladys De Micheli (via)
Agence photo indépendante spécialisée sur les thématiques de la santé du sanitaire et du social.

Antonia Zennaro - photography

by colombia
Reportage photo sur des groupes de Hiphop de Medelin

Photo Ancenis

by Tanis
Photographe de mariage, portrait à Ancenis, Loire Atlantique



EMILIE JOHNSON: If you are looking down, why don't you see me?

by Spone
The 10th arrondissement of Paris is what many French people would still call "populaire" - which means a "working class" and diverse area. Our street from the very first day was a fascination to me. Each day there were groups of young guys standing around. They didn't speak French and they seemed to be from somewhere in the Middle East.

What's Goin On?

by Ostrogo (via)
Un reportage photo réalisé de façon simple et très originale.


Russia | Access to Life

by Spone
Russia, by Alex Majoli After the fall of the Soviet Union, a wave of drug use swept over Russia, addicting hundreds of thousands of young people. With heroin injection came the spread of HIV, rapidly infecting more than 1 million Russians. Russia’s is among the world’s most rapidly expanding AIDS epidemics, and frequently, those infected are diagnosed too late to be saved.


Luka Dakskobler

by Gladys De Micheli
Photographe Slovène - Surtout Reportage Qq images animaux pas mal.

Gilles Raynaldy

by Gladys De Micheli
Gilles Raynaldy est l'un des responsables de publication du web magazine Purpose mais également photographe de presse A voir : les animations végétales. Moi, ça me laisse bouche bée.


Photographer in Vienna, Austria

by adooropens
David Laudien is a Vienna-based freelance photographer and webdesigner, who is specialized in advertising, catalogue, interior, architecture, stage and reportage photography, digital imaging and web design.


by Gladys De Micheli
"Collectif Objectif Nantais à but un peu flou...." Travaux au holga, lomo, sténopés. Tres belle collection d'anciennes photos scannées. Reportage sur le japon assez sympa.

Picture tank

by Gladys De Micheli & 2 others
"Source photographique indépendante et collective". Véritable plaque tournante. On peut y passer des journées entières.

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