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How to Batch Rename Files in Windows: 4 Ways to Rename Multiple Files - How-To Geek

by srcmax
Windows comes with a variety of ways to rename multiples files at once from Windows Explorer, the Command Prompt, or PowerShell. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use graphical interface or a powerful command-line method, you’ll find it here.


ExifRenamer |

by simon_bricolo
A mac software to rename your pictures using the exif data

MRR Software |

by simon_bricolo
Rename a list of files quickly and easily.

Name Mangler |

by simon_bricolo
batch file renamer that supports all common renaming tasks: Find and Replace (including support for regular expressions); Number Sequentially; Change Case; Set Extension; Add Prefix/Suffix; Remove/Insert Characters.


PyRenamer 0.5.0 mon remplaçant pour GPRename - Cedynamix

by eledo34 (via)
pyRenamer possède les même fonctionnalités que GPRename, c'est à dire qu'il vous permet de changer le nom de plusieurs fichiers en même temps et facilement

Introduction - Bulk Rename Utility

by jdrsantos & 1 other
Bulk Rename Utility is a utility which allows you to easily rename files and directories, based upon extemely flexible criteria. Add date-stamps, replace numbers, insert strings, convert case, add auto-numbers, process folders and loads




Lupas Rename

by nhoizey (via)
Lupas Rename is a FREEWARE program developed to rename a few or a massive number of files with a lot of features It works on Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2K and WinXP. It is a simple .EXE file and doesn't need any other external libraries - Jackass JoeJoe's freeware utilities

by svartling & 1 other (via)
Rename Master is a FREE utility for renaming large groups of files with a few clicks. Anyone that has worked with websites, file archives, or collections of music, videos, or pictures has probably spent way too much time renaming hundreds of files. This utility will add, remove, or replace parts of the filename with ease and also supports renaming via file properties, MP3 tags, JPEG JFIF and EXIF tags. Batch renaming that's simple to use, yet still very powerful.

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