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14 April 2006

Centre "Bonne Nouvelle" Paris

by hery
Eglise Evangélique Protestante Malgache en France

12 April 2006

STK Strasbourg

by hery
Site des Jeunes Chrétiens de Strasbourg> Forum, Chat,

24 March 2006

visit madagascar

by hery
i run an independent tour company in madagascar.feel free to visit our site and even contact us for your trip in madagascar.

23 March 2006

Ekar Md Josefa Mahamasina

by hery
Site pour promouvoir l'apostolat des Laïcs

Baiboly protestanta

by hery
Sehatra hamakiana baiboly amin'ny teny Malagasy (baiboly protestanta), frantsay (Louis Ségond) ary anglisy (American Standard Version).

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