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January 2006

Eventful Blog: EVDB Supports microformats: hCalendar, hCard, relTag

by digitalmonkey
"On every event and venue detail page within, we're now embedding additional code in the HTML of the pages, supporting hCalendar, hCard, and relTag".

August 2005

Equals Drummond » URNs, XRIs, and Open Tagging

by digitalmonkey
<a href="urn:tag:thai" rel="tag">Thai</a> <a href="xri://+thai" rel="tag">Thai</a> <a href="xri://" rel="tag">Thai</a>

A Day in My Life: Categories are coming...

by digitalmonkey
"In my never ending quest to learn and add new and useful features to my blog, I'm working on making categories, using Delicious tags and then adding Technorati tags. Stay tuned...this promises to be interesting".

EFF: Blog-a-thon

by digitalmonkey
<!-- tag start --> Blog-a-thon tag: <a href="" rel="tag">EFF15</a> <!--tag end -->

July 2005

I Apologize for the Inconvenience: Now you can get all the lazy link posts on one page!

by digitalmonkey
Filed in: <span><a href="" rel="tag">SiteIssues</a> <a href="" rel="tag"></a> </span>

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