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June 2007

Make Money Displaying Job Feeds: Indeed

by christinamedia (via)
Indeed is a program that takes job feeds from all over the web, and brings them together for hopeful job seekers. They have an incredible program for bloggers or website owners to earn money displaying the indeed job feeds on their website.

January 2007

something that realy works

by girtsl
The first program that offers an ipod for 20$. You don`t need to look for referrals. All you have to do is wait in the "line" (~2,5 mounths). You need just a e-gold account. This is something realy alternative (page, program created by some Slovakian guy`s). But who ceares - the shiping is 100% free.

September 2006

Fast Pitch

by cdevore
Fast Pitch! is an online network that gives business professionals a destination to market and promote their business effectively (i.e. make their “pitch”). The Fast Pitch approach 'cuts to the chase' by allowing people to quickly identify qualified leads, pass referrals and generate business. Through a variety of services and networking events, Fast Pitch has facilitated over 1 million introductions for business professionals across the United States since 2004.

May 2006

March 2006

September 2005

August 2005

web referrals

by ryanne
[wednesday, 27 april 2005] mind all clogged up with equity and trusts....@____@ how am i going to survive the test on saturday??? not to mention tmr's test for the broadening course...crim presentation the day after....and the big essay due next week.....

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