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Oracle to launch its own Linux

by Antauri
This move will put Oracle to the test. The change to open-source operating systems and applications will put Oracle in competition with industry leaders it had never competed directly. It would also spice up competition with Microsoft Corporation, IBM, Red Hat, and others.

A first look at Jboss acquisition by RedHat

by mgullit
An interesting article on the recent acquisition of JBoss by redhat


The Fedora Legacy Project - a community-supported open source project.

by macroron
to work with the Linux community to provide security and critical bug fix errata packages for select End of Life Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core distributions. This will allow for a longer effective life for those releases.

~Christopher A. Aillon Home Front

by macroron
My name is Christopher A. Aillon and I am a hacker. I am a member of the Mozilla community. I have worked for Netscape/AOL, and am currently employed by Red Hat as a member of the Desktop team. I am starting to keep a blog. Feel free to look around. I mailing lists

by macroron
a listing of all the public mailing lists on

fedora front

by macroron & 2 others
fedora core web page, fedora people blog aggregator, fedora extras, fedora documentation/development wiki, fedora faq at homelinux, fudcon fedora user and developer conference


by jmgachoud & 2 others (via)
Site de l'éditeur RedHat en français | Home

by chexov & 2 others
redhat unix shell examples