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iRecordMusic |

by simon_bricolo
record audio from web pages and Internet radio streams.


W.A.M. | Women's Audio Mission

by rike_
Women's Audio Mission is a women-run, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the recording arts. In a field where women professionals are historically under-represented, WAM seeks to create an environment that will encourage and enable the aspirations of women in the recording arts, and, in turn expand the vision and voice of media and popular culture. We provide access to audio technology, and training in its use to record sound for music, radio, film, television and the internet for women and girls.


by rike_
Manauton is a program used to digitally record sound. Manauton can operate in a manual or autonomous mode, hence the name Manauton. When in manual mode, recording can be paused and unpaused with a key-press or remote control. This is similar to a tape recorder, but with a difference, there is no latency! As a matter of fact, Manauton works with negative latency. This negative latency cancels out the effect of the human latency associated with hearing a sound interpreting it and reacting to the sound. Negative latency is accomplished by buffering the sound in memory prior to recording to disk.


by rike_
This program listens for sound. If it detects any, it starts recording automatically and also automatically stops when things become silent again.


vsound - A Virtual Audio Loopback Cable

by phgod
此軟件能夠把經過 Linux /dev/dsp 輸出的聲音儲存為 wav 檔案,之後便可用 mp3 encoder 再變成 mp3。亦即是說,在 Linux 上任何發聲軟件的聲音都可以錄存起來。

quiet american

by zboog
Field recordings made in Vietnam.



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