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12 October 2006 18:45

Dried Shrimp

by yich
One of my favorite ingredient

12 October 2006 18:30

Steamed Salmon

by yich
Can't go wrong with this recipe

How to cook rice? (for newbie cooks only)

by yich
OMG... you have to read this if you REALLY don't know.

Bak Kut Teh

by yich
Herbal soup - not for the faint hearted

Broccoli Soup

by yich
Broccoli is a great source of iron!

Steamed Fish

by yich
Slit the fish and stuff it with green onions and ginger.

12 October 2006 18:15

Curry Fried Chicken

by yich
Eat with Basmati Rice for an authentic Indian dish

Pork Spare Ribs

by yich
The 2 additional steps you MUST know!

12 October 2006 18:00

12 October 2006 17:30

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