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March 2008

Future of Real Estate Marketing

by springnet
Say what you like about their business model, Redfin’s real estate search tools are world class and only keep getting better.It’s why it was the only national real estate broker (I defined “national” as anyone having operations that spanned both c

February 2008

December 2007

October 2007

ActiveRain Real Estate Network

by springnet
free online community for real estate professionals designed to help them promote and grow their business.

July 2007

Move in to Move up

by TuckerSte80
Overwhelmingly our consumers think homes are like dogs - they resemble their owners! A recent REA Group survey of both Australian and New Zealand consumers suggests that the majority of people judge their prospective partners on the ...

Homes for sale by owner

by Dimma
USA real estate for sale by owner including free listings, and information for buyers and sellers.

June 2007

Social Computing - who is your audience?

by TuckerSte80 recently obtained some interesting research from Forrester, titled "Social Technographics" - a term used to describe a group of people based on their participation level in 'social computing' (blogs, social networking ...

May 2007

Downtown Austin High-Rise Condo Projects

by springnet
High-rise Condo Development in Downtown Austin, TX

April 2007

Pasco Real Estate

by Dimma
There are Pasco homes that are on the market for a very long time. When other properties around a house are selling and this one hasn’t, it can cause potential buyers to be wary.

Homes for Sale

by Dimma
When it comes to looking for property, what most of us are used to do is to plough through the classifieds section of the newspaper. While the areas are quite well categorised, I find going through the fine prints really tedious.

March 2007

Arizona Real Estate And Homes For Sale

by bmapt
All Arizona real estate information and AZ property listings for sale

January 2007

December 2006

November 2006

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