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April 2016


by sylvainulg (via)
A Nintendo Entertainment System simulator coded in pure VHDL

March 2016

Facebook lays out ambitious React.js JavaScript dev plans | InfoWorld

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doing layout in React itself rather than within the browser. [...] "This very easily fixes the reflow problem because now you can just render the correct thing the first time. You don't need to render a placeholder and then replace it once you know how big it is,"

February 2016

cave-story post-mortem

by sylvainulg
triumph of pragmatic game design

January 2016

Chapter 8. Managing releases and branchy development

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You can create a local tag with the -l option to the hg tag command

December 2015

November 2015

October 2015

Making the Mundane Memorable in Games

by sylvainulg
interesting gamedev blog ...

September 2015

August 2015

smea's devblog | rambling about my past, present and future endeavours

by sylvainulg
ninjhax works in 4 stages and almost as many exploits : we first get ROP execution, then we get code execution proper, then we get access to new services by launching and taking over another process, and then we get higher privileges by exploiting a system module.

July 2015

PC Team Demoscene Articles

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"During about 2 years i wrote articles about the demoscene for a french newspaper called PC Team, edited by Posse Press. It was a really interesting job, and it was an easy way to make advertising for the productions i liked. But i didnt find anymore time to do it so i stopped near end of year 2000." -- pictures seems broken, though.