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Brain Pickings

by anbll
blog about literature, books...

Reading Programs Grade 2

by EssentialSkillsAdvantage
Essential Skills Advantage Inc has been providing Online Reading Programs Grade for Kids in the USA and Canada with high-quality educational software. Our Courses include: Phonics Programs , Reading & Language, Science, Geography and English Language Learning.


Végéweb - Forum Végétarien, Végétalien et Vegan • Afficher le sujet - Une petite nouvelle (au sens propre du terme)

by sylvainulg (via)
L’univers, à leur point de vue, dépendait pour sa bonne marche de l’équilibre de quatre forces, dans lesquelles ils reconnaissaient le charme, la conviction, le doute et l’envie d’emmerder le monde. Par exemple, le soleil et la lune tournaient autour du Disque parce qu’ils étaient convaincus de ne pas tomber, mais ne s’en éloignaient pas à cause du doute. Le charme permettait aux arbres de pousser, l’envie d’emmerder le monde les maintenait debout et ainsi de suite.

SpyPig - Free Email Tracking System - Find out if your email has been read!

by jdrsantos & 5 others
SpyPig is a simple email tracking system that sends you a notification by email when the recipient opens your message.



by simon_bricolo
reading list aggregator


Read Faster Now - ReadSpeeder, the Free Speed Reading System

by ycc2106
Click the buttons above to control the reader, or click 'Add Text' to copy and paste your own text or use the bookmarklet

American Girl for Grown-ups

by access2
The American Girl® brand was established in 1986 by educator & entrepreneur Pleasant T. Rowland. Mattel acquired American Girl's parent Pleasant Company in 1998. American Girl is the direct marketer of the popular collectible-quality American Girl 18'' dolls -- The marketing "hook" for their more widely distributed merchandise tie-ins -- primarily a well-regarded series of books aimed at the 4-13 year old age group.

TidyRead Turns Your Web Reading into a Fast, Smooth, No-fringe Experience Again

by ycc2106
TidyRead is a service that extracts the text from almost any web site and displays it on an easy to read page that removes all of the clutter that can make reading on the internet so hard sometimes.

Word List Generator

by knann (via)
The Word List Generator Project has created a database of 2084 words that elementary school teachers can use to help students practice and build sounding out and word-form recognition skills. Learn more about the project and how you can help. To generate a word list matching your students' instructional level, select parameters below--eg, to generate a list of CVC words beginning with continuous sounds, check the CVC checkbox and select "are continuous only" from the Initial sounds drop-down menu.

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