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June 2008

ResumeRDF Ontology Specification

by greut

ResumeRDF is an ontology developed to express information contained in a personal Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) on the Semantic Web. This includes information about work and academic experience, skills, etc.

time for me to try xhtml/html5+rdfa

January 2008

October 2007

Suggestions to Authors of RDF Vocabularies

by greut

Another SemWeb post I meant to link to a while back - Keith Alexander has tips on creating RDF vocabularies or ontologies.

nice starting point

August 2007

SIOC Core Ontology Specification

by greut & 1 other
The SIOC (Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities) Core Ontology provides the main concepts and properties required to describe information from online communities (e.g., message boards, wikis, weblogs, etc.) on the Semantic Web.

May 2007

Tiny RDF Schema at

by greut
A way to put openId info into a RDF file?

April 2007

RDF Schema formatter

by benoit

This XSLT extracts human readable information from a RDF Schema.

March 2007

December 2006

SchemaWeb - RDF Schemas Directory

by clochix
SchemaWeb is a directory of RDF schemas expressed in the RDFS, OWL and DAML OIL schema languages. SchemaWeb is a place for developers and designers working with RDF. It provides a comprehensive directory of RDF schemas to be browsed and searched by human agents and also an extensive set of web services to be used by software agents that wish to obtain real-time schema information whilst processing RDF data. RDF Schemas are the critical layer of the Semantic Web. They provide the semantic linkage that 'intelligent' software needs to extract value giving information from the raw data defined by RDF triples.

SIMILE Project

by greut & 10 others
Full of tools for for Semantic Web

pOWL - Semantic Web Development Plattform

by clochix & 1 other
The aim of the pOWL project is thus to deliver a PHP and web-based ontology edititing and management solution to the OpenSoure community.

Jena Semantic Web Framework

by clochix & 1 other
Jena is a Java framework for building Semantic Web applications. It provides a programmatic environment for RDF, RDFS and OWL, SPARQL and includes a rule-based inference engine. Jena is open source and grown out of work with the HP Labs Semantic Web Programme. The Jena Framework includes: * A RDF API * Reading and writing RDF in RDF/XML, N3 and N-Triples * An OWL API * In-memory and persistent storage * SPARQL query engine


by greut
How to put some RDF into your Rails.

September 2006

June 2006

alphaWorks : IBM Integrated Ontology Development Toolkit : Overview

by nhoizey
IODT is a toolkit for ontology-driven development. This toolkit includes EMF Ontolgy Definition Metamodel (EODM), EODM workbench, and an OWL Ontology Repository (named Minerva).

October 2005

The future of the Web is Semantic

by sarbogast & 5 others
Un excellent article de vulgarisation sur developerWorks

April 2005

Web Sémantique:PagePrincipale

by CharlesNepote & 17 others (via)
Portail francophone sur le web sémantique

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