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Rogue Amoeba | Pulsar: XM And SIRIUS Radio On Mac OS X, With No Timeouts And No Browser Needed

by garret
"XM and SIRIUS both provide online access to most of their stations, but tuning in with a browser is clunky at best. With Pulsar and an XM or SIRIUS online account, you can access all this great content directly from your desktop." Free trial - noise is overlaid on all playback longer than 20 minutes.


Snowtape for Mac - Record Internet Radio

by sbrothier
Record, Edit, Export to iTunes. It’s the easiest and most intuitive way to record internet radio. Snowtape is the perfect solution for you if you like music and want to have a lot of it in your pocket. In just 10 hours your music library will contain over 150 songs and by the end of the week your iPod shuffle is already packed with your favorite music. Download Snowtape today and try it for free!

Screamer Radio | Freeware internet radio player for Windows

by garret & 4 others (via)
"You can download an app or run it from the Web, but either way, Screamer Radio accesses and lets you record Internet radio in a number of streaming audio formats (Shoutcast, Icecast, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, and AAC)." [PC Magazine]


Rogue Amoeba - Radioshift: Easy internet radio playback and recording, only for Mac OS X

by garret
"With Radioshift, you can listen to and record internet and AM/FM radio from around the world on your schedule."



Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver.

by sbrothier & 14 others
Want to listen to internet audio programs but can't when they are scheduled? This program lets you create your own custom online audio anytime, anywhere. Really.

2005 - a music engine based on a massive collection of Music Profiles.

by macroron & 1 other
the flagship product from the team that designed the Audioscrobbler system, Each music profile belongs to one person, and describes their taste in music. uses these music profiles to make personalized recommendations, match you up with people who

SHOUTcast rippers

by antoniomokarzel & 1 other
How to download/save/capture/record/rip Winamp video streams (.nsv winamp TV) and audio streams (.mp3 Shoutcast and Icecast online radio stations)


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