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16 February 2008 07:30

RadioWave | streaming radio schedule aggregator

by garret
"RadioWave aggregates schedules for different radio stations (currently 40 stations) to allow listeners to browse all shows across stations by day or hour. Stations format their schedules differently and those schedules are often difficult to navigate. RadioWave gathers the information in one place and with a single, simple formatting scheme. The RadioWave server stores future schedules (normalized to GMT) as they are available. The RadioWave site is organized under the following tabs: 1. The By Hour tab displays the schedule for streaming stations listed by hour and day. 2. The By Station tab displays the schedule for streaming stations list by station. 3. The By Person tab displays a catalogue of streaming and downloadable files listed by person. 4. The Files tab displays a catalogue of downloadable files listed by Web site. 5. The Search tab presents a search form to search streaming stations and downloadable files.

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