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WNYE's Brooklyn | the B-Sides podcast

by garret
Hosted by Jenna X, the B-Sides is your place for the coolest music in New York City and everywhere else.



WXPN | radio programs available as music podcasts

by garret
Check out these podcasts from WXPN's list: (1) World Cafe Next from WXPN is a weekly podcast showcases new, under-the-radar artists. (2) World Cafe Words and Music weekly podcast has interviews and performances by some of today's most amazing musicians. (3) The Blues File from WXPN keeps you up explores the blues. (4) The yPod podcast has interviews and live sessions with independent rock artists. (5) Echoes, features a variety of styles, acoustic, electronic music, jazz, space music, avant-garde, ambient, and rock. Echoes also has Living Room Concerts, live performances recorded in musicians' homes or in studios. Finally, don't miss npr's podcast directory at the bottom of the page. It connects to over 600 podcasts.

BreakThru Radio (BTR) | DJ'd Radio Shows

by garret (via)
"BreakThru Radio is devoted to giving a voice to talented unsigned and indie artists and empowering DJs to pick and play their own music. BTR is committed to playing all genres of music and exclusive new artists during each day's broadcast, bypassing the repetitive playlists typical of traditional radio stations." [BTR]

Pirate Cat Radio 87.9fm | streaming online

by garret
"an unlicensed low powered community radio station, broadcasting on 87.9 megahertz, to both the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles basin."


Listen Here! | The Jazz Review | radio program/weekly podcast

by garret
Listen Here! is the jazz review radio program hosted by critics, friends and sparring partners Neil Tesser and Mark Ruffin. Listen Here! debuted in January 2005, as a high-energy one-hour show incorporating conversation, criticism, debate, recorded music, interviews, and occasional live performances from jazz venues around North America.


That Sound | Dave Cusick's weekly radio show | KPSU

by garret
Listen to archives of Dave's excellent weekly radio show on KPSU that features recent music from mostly independent artists. Playlists are provided for each show, and include links to each band's website or Myspace page. You can also subscribe to a podcast for the show.


fluctu8 | audio and video podcasts

by garret
Sound File Categories: Technology, Techno/Electronic, Independent/Misc Music, Hiphop, Arts/Culture, Business, Media, Science, Health/Environment, Educational, Politics, Sports, Food, Travel, Literature, Sexuality, Jazz/Soul/Funk, International, Music, Opsound, Video.

NPR | Podcast Directory (includes music shows)

by garret & 6 others
Podcast Topics: * Arts & Culture (27) * Books (9) * Business (17) * Commentary (1) * Diversions (8) * Economy (1) * Education (2) * Environment (5) * Featured Stories (2) * Food (6) * Fun & Games (7) * Health & Science (18) * Interviews (1) * Legal Affairs (1) * Local (60) * Media (3) * Movies (4) * Music (31) * Nation (3) * News (40) * Opinion (8) * People & Places (50) * Politics (3) * Pop Culture (2) * Religion (1) * Sports (3) * Technology (7) * World (2)

Route 78 West | Radio 1190 - Boulder | Weekly Radio Show

by garret
"Honky Tonk, Trucker Songs, Spaghetti Westerns, recycled juke box 45's, an occasional Surf track and artist interviews. Follow Uncle Jeff and Loki as they spin down the by-ways and blind alleys of Americana's past and future. Roam the range via old scratchy 78's in your hot rod Lincoln. So, sit back and enjoy the country sounds and if the spirit moves you get up and dance a little jig."

Subcity Radio | Glasgow University's Student Radio Station

by garret
"Subcity Radio is the student radio station based at Glasgow University. For the past eleven years we have been pushing the boundries of student radio in all respects. Free from commercial restraints, we aim ourselves squarely at music lovers across Glasgow and beyond. With no set playlist and 90% specialist programming, you're sure to find something you like." Click on Listen Again for archived shows that you can listen to anytime.

Just Off the Radar | WUGA - Athens, GA | Weekly Radio Show

by garret
"a weekly look at modern pop music outside the mainstream." Archives of past shows and playlists are available.

The Ongoing History of New Music | Radio Show/Podcast

by garret
"The Ongoing History of New Music is the longest running music documentary in Canada. Since its inception in 1993, Alan Cross the Program Director for 102.1 the Edge has written and produced 500 one hour episodes." [clickcaster]

Open Source | Radio Show/Podcast (4 times weekly)

by garret
"Open Source is a conversation, four times a week on the radio and any time you like on the blog. We designed the show to invert the traditional relationship between broadcast and the web: we aren’t a public radio show with a web community, we’re a web community that produces a daily hour of radio."

IT Conversations | Podcasts

by garret & 14 others
Podcasts (interviews, speeches and conversations) from a community of leading thinkers, who discuss recent ideas relating to Information Technology and Business.

NO-FI "RADIO" | Weekly Radio Show/Podcast

by garret
A weekly show from Los Angeles. Plays music you won't hear everywhere else. (Real)

Big Contact | Podcast Directory/Podcast Player

by garret
Play podcasts without having to download them with Big Contact's Feed Player. | Radio-Show/Podcast Directory

by garret
Listen to radio shows on-demand. Underheard archives recent college and community radio shows that you can stream, download, or subscribe to.

Freematrix Radio | Internet Radio

by garret & 1 other
Plays mostly random music or technology news shows such as IT Conversations. Content is either Creative Commons, Public Domain, or that has been licensed for Royalty-Free Play.

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