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September 2005

Welcome to UNC-We love black people

by jasontromm
It may surprise readers to learn that the white person who violated the university’s policy on segregation was none other than UNC-W Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo.

May 2005

Immigration isn't the issue: Brendan O'Neill

by mikepower
Among the political class, ‘the immigration issue’ has become code for their own fear and loathing of the white working class.

March 2005

Kevin Meyers: At last the light is shone on the IRA

by mikepower
No event in Northern Ireland in recent years has distilled the abominable and corrupted reality of life under the peace process as the murder of Robert McCartney. Half beaten to death, one eye gouged out, his throat cut, and then gutted like a fish...

Making learning uncool: The establishment disses education as much as hip-hop ‘playas’.

by mikepower
It wasn't Jay-Z who grabbed headlines by declaring that 'learning history is a bit dodgy'. That was the former education secretary, Charles Clarke.

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