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by anastel
Liste des photographes et des illustrateurs





» Best picture quality with 6 megapixels!

by rmaltete (via)
Best picture quality with 6 megapixels! The best compromise for a compact camera is a sensor with 6 million pixels or better a sensor with a pixel size of >3µm . A digital camera with 12 million pixels is better than one with 6 million. ‘That is correct’ is what you would say probably because you’ve always heard more pixels are better. It’s not true(!!!), we have to say when it comes to compact cameras. We, the staff of Image Engineering, an independent testing laboratory that, amongst other things, tests digital camera for the German magazines Color Photo and c’t. Quite a while ago we noticed that image quality of digital cameras gets worse instead of better. The reason is that todays sensors are devided into more and therefore smaller pixels. We want to clarify the consequences on this website. The reason we bring this up is the vicious circle we are in and have to break out of. Most people heard that a lot of pixels make a good camera hence they buy cameras with the most pixels. Therefore the manufacturers produce cameras with more and more pixels so that they sell better. But this does not improve the quality of the pictures. This website is our little contribution for clarification and will hopefully get noticed by the public and the manufacturers.

HDR Landscape Photography Tutorial

by rmaltete & 2 others
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Landscape Photography Tutorial



by rmaltete & 3 others
The IPTC, based in Windsor, UK, is a consortium of the world's major news agencies and news industry vendors. It develops and maintains technical standards for improved news exchange that are used by virtually every major news organization in the world.


Métadonnées: une initiation - Dublin Core, IPTC, EXIF, RDF, XMP

by rmaltete & 10 others
Cette page a pour but d'orienter le lecteur abordant le domaine des métadonnées dans le dédale des concepts, des recommandations et des initiatives qui ont trait à ce sujet. Nous y présentons plusieurs techniques fondamentales relatives aux métadonnées (Dublin Core, RDF, XMP), en développant plus particulièrement celles qui sont appliquées aux images (IPTC et IPTC Core, EXIF, DIG35, JPX) et à la presse (PRISM, NewsML, NITF).


by rmaltete
The IPTC and the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) had begun to work jointly in 1990 to design a globally applicable model for all kinds of data. As a result from this effort in 1991 the "Information Interchange Model - IIM" version 1 was approved and further developed since then.

Wilhelm Imaging Research

by rmaltete
Études et articles sur la conservation des papiers jet d'encre. Une somme

dubtown Industriekultur

by Mital & 1 other
Culture industrielle, bonnes références pour des photos technos.

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