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September 2005

Stock Symbol Quicksearch

by redivider & 3 others
Type "quote <symbol>" in the location bar to perform a stock symbol look-up

想 懶

by ryanne
[wednesday, 08 december 2004] 有 益 胸 懷  虧 可 常 吃 忙 裡 偷 閒  偷 亦 無 妨 - 阿 虫

人 命 算 甚 麼

by ryanne
[monday, 20 december 2004] [ BBC News ] Rumsfeld faces Iraq letters row: US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has pledged to personally sign letters of condolence to the families of American soldiers killed in action. He spoke shortly after his admission

August 2005

被 寵 壞

by ryanne
[saturday, 08 january 2005] i'm now twenty-one =) big hugs to: (in no particular order) mum, dad, my bros, grandpa, grandma, ette, ticon, coolkei, sum sir (jacky), cara, tam yi jun!!!, bonnie, firebird (ar fung), squall, yu wai, kris, kirk, olivia, alex,

how i miss him

by ryanne
[friday, 25 february 2005] "Life is a big waiting room. We all wait for something; I wait for you." ~ The Terminal


by ryanne
[wednesday, 16 march 2005] i can't tell you how thankful i am. or how it feels like to have so much luck thrust upon me. "Oh, to grace how great a debtor Daily I'm constrained to be!"

Distance is to love

by ryanne
[tuesday, 09 august 2005] Worth repeating! Distance is to love as wind is to a flame. It extinguishes the weak and ignites the strong. -Author Unknown (more here)

pain and pleasure

by ryanne
[tuesday, 23 august 2005] "but beauty has to undergo some limited torture". how true! and it applies not only to ear piercing =) thanks, nat....

July 2005

Google Search: "corruption of the best"

by yaus831
he frequently cited the Latin maxim "corruptio optimi pessima", the corruption of the best is the worst

May 2005

April 2005

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