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The Chronicle: 4/7/2006: There Is Such a Thing as a Stupid Question

by markpasc & 1 other
Remarkably similar to esr's How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, which properly implies asking for computer help is group self-education

The Punch Poll - Welcome to The Punch Poll

by lz00zl
The Punch Poll is a collection of questions randomly circulated among online readers. Our server collects votes and then reports results.


Google Answers

by urbanfoto & 5 others
Ask a question. Set your price. Get your answer

Yahoo! Answers - Home

by zboog & 25 others
ask questions / answer questions


by arnet & 13 others
the free and easy way to speak your mind

by arnet & 4 others
Des questions et des réponses !

Curious Too

by arnet & 1 other (via)
Une question ? Des réponses !

Jeber's Help Desk Forum

by Appamatix
An informative forum as the title indicates, a help desk for all, friends of Jeber and those who have not made his aquaintance yet.Go and see this one. Very quick operating forum...better get on it now!