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13 November 2006

Be Pythonic -- 字正腔圓說 Python

by YukuanBlog
Pythonic 一詞被用來形容合於 Python 慣用法的 code 。Pythonic 的 code 除了讓人們更好理解外,機器執行時,也往往更具效率--語言設計者會絞盡腦汁最佳化語言慣用法的執行效率。這在 Python 這類高階、動態的語言,尤其明顯 :)

02 October 2006

Be Pythonic

by YukuanMark & 1 other
When going from one language to another, some things have to be unlearned (see Transfer of Learning). This page contains some idioms used in Python that I particularly like, and I hope others find useful in their quest for Pythonicity.

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