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July 2006

June 2006

SSO Zope

by dmorel69
Zope single sign-on solutions


by dmorel69 & 44 others
Python web framework & server


by bader
Bebop is a Zope3-based groupware that tries to combine collaboration support and content management with a user-friendly interface. It allows to switch between blog, wiki, desktop, and news perspectives on the contributions of the group members.

Feedjack - A Django Python Powered Feed Aggregator (Planet)

by bader & 2 others
Feedjack is a feed aggregator writen in Python using the Django web development framework.

May 2006


by sunny & 44 others
"Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design." with Simon Willison in the team !


by dcancel & 1 other
IssueTrackerProduct is... ...a help desk/issue/bug tracker web application and Open Source under the ZPL license ...built in Python using the Zope web application ...very easy to use and power features are by default switched off ...fully cro

Using REST with Ajax

by benoit (via)
how to use Ajax techniques to make web apps with REST APIs.


by dcancel & 8 others
Pylons is a modern full-stack Python web development framework combining the very best from the worlds of Ruby, Python and Perl. Pylons helps you to build complex web applications quickly and easily

April 2006

March 2006

#ProgX - 5 ans d'articles, gratuits !

by parmentierf
Presque tous les articles écrit dans l'ex(cellent) Login: par l'excellent Romain Guy.

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