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February 2006

A PyGame Working Example: Starting a Game

by bcpbcp
In PyGame for Game Development, I showed you the very basics of PyGame's graphical side. However, creating a game with PyGame requires a bit more. All the concepts described before need to be glued together somehow, and new concepts will need to be introduced in order to create a functional game. In this article, we'll do just that by tackling a working example of PyGame's capabilities—a Python-powered game.

January 2006

December 2005

November 2005

Accueil - Club d'entraide des développeurs francophones

by sdaclin & 29 others
La référence française des sites liés aux langages de programmation

August 2005

July 2005

Developing with Gnome

by bader & 2 others
Developing with Gnome tutorial. In C, C++, Perl, and Python

May 2005

Regular Expressions Tutorial

by Cyclope
A sort tutorial about regular expression (perl version), usable along with javascript and python.

April 2005

Plongez au coeur de Python

by illogeek & 5 others (via)
Tutoriel Python libre/gratuit en français.

Dive Into Python

by illogeek & 11 others
A free book to learn python. Included by default in Ubuntu (/usr/share/doc/diveintopython/html/index.html) and available in several languages.

To-Do: A Tutorial

by roberto (via)
Tutorial of a Python framework by Ian Bicking.

March 2005

January 2005