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GIMP Python Documentation

by jdrsantos
GIMP-Python is a scripting extension for GIMP, similar to Script-Fu. The main difference is in what is called first. In Script-Fu, the script-fu plug-in executes the script, while in GIMP-Python the script is in control.

twill: a simple scripting language for Web browsing

by jdrsantos & 2 others
twill is a simple language that allows users to browse the Web from a command-line interface. With twill, you can navigate through Web sites that use forms, cookies, and most standard Web features.


Codespeak Home

by macroron & 1 other
the codespeak project currently hosts the following free/open source software projects. pypy which aims to implement the Python language completely in Python itself. kupu, a feature-rich, JavaScript client-side WYSIWIG editor. +++

PyPy: Documents

by macroron
The PyPy project aims at producing a flexible and fast Python implementation. The guiding idea is to translate a Python-level description of the Python language itself to lower level languages. Rumors have it that the secret goal is being faster-than-C wh


Terra Nova: Nested Worlds

by bcpbcp
Python is a programming language often used to script games. Scripts are the bit of code where most game developers romp, it is the stuff separating the 'game engine' from the elves-in-tights that dance across your screen. Scripts make the elves dance and protect (somewhat) developers from the detail of the orcs-turning-creaking-cranks in the game engine.

Continuations And Stackless Python

by bcpbcp
In this paper, an implementation of "Stackless Python" (a Python which does not keep state on the C stack) is presented. Surprisingly, the necessary changes affect just a small number of C modules, and a major rewrite of the C library can be avoided. The key idea in this approach is a paradigm change for the Python code interpreter that is not easy to understand in the first place. Recursive interpreter calls are turned into tail recursion, which allows deferring evaluation by pushing frames to the frame stack, without the C stack involved.

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