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Online translation tool | Pootle

by srcmax
Get your community translating your software into their languages.


Welcome to fabtools’s documentation! — fabtools 0.12.0 documentation

by jpcaruana
fabtools includes useful functions to help you write your Fabric files. fabtools makes it easier to manage system users, packages, databases, etc. fabtools includes a number of low-level actions, as well as a higher level interface called fabtools.require. Using fabtools.require allows you to use a more declarative style, similar to Chef or Puppet.


Pykka — Pykka 0.14 documentation

by jpcaruana
The goal of Pykka is to provide easy to use concurrency abstractions for Python by using the actor model.


flask-mail — Flask-Mail v0.2 documentation

by jpcaruana (via)
The Flask-Mail extension provides a simple interface to set up SMTP with your Flask application and to send messages from your views and scripts.

Flask-Testing — Flask-Testing v0.3 documentation

by jpcaruana (via)
The Flask-Testing extension provides unit testing utilities for Flask.

Welcome to Logbook — Logbook

by jpcaruana (via)
Logbook is a logging sytem for Python that replaces the standard library’s logging module. It was designed with both complex and simple applications and mind and the idea to make logging fun



Modular toolkit for Data Processing (MDP)

by ogrisel
Modular toolkit for Data Processing (MDP) is a Python data processing framework. Implemented algorithms include: Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Slow Feature Analysis (SFA), Independent Slow Feature Analysis (ISFA), Growing Neural Gas (GNG), Factor Analysis, Fisher Discriminant Analysis (FDA), Gaussian Classifiers, and Restricted Boltzmann Machines. Read the full list.

TimeSeries - Scikits - Sicpy extension for timeseries in python

by ogrisel
The TimeSeries scikits module provides classes and functions for manipulating, reporting, and plotting time series of various frequencies.


Elefant - What is Elefant

by ogrisel
Elefant (Efficient Learning, Large-scale Inference, and Optimisation Toolkit) is an open source library for machine learning Elefant include modules for many common optimisation problems arising in machine learning and inference. It is designed to be modular and easy to use. Framework provides easy to use python interface, which can be use for quick prototyping and testing inference algorithms.


Sweet Le Forum

by skitoo
Forum du projet Sweet

WikidPad - wiki notebook/outliner for windows

by jdrsantos & 17 others
wikidPad is a real-time wiki. wikidPad is not a web server, or application server, or groupware solution. wikidPad is a standalone notepad like application, albeit notepad on steroids. wikidPad is like an IDE for your thoughts.


GRAC: GRAmmar Checker

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
GRAC est un logiciel libre hébergé par sourceforge qui s’est donné la tâche de constuire un système d’apprentissage capable de corriger un texte au niveau grammaticial. Cepandant, il faut, au départ, lui apprendre à distinguer un texte correct, d’un texte mal construit. Il a été écrit en Python par des français : Maxime BIAIS et Guillaume Ramirez et peut être téléchargé.


Natural Language Toolkit

by parmentierf (via)
The Natural Language Toolkit is a suite of Python packages and data for natural language processing; it comes with extensive API documentation and tutorials. NLTK-Lite is the version under active development. Project Info - pyCatalog

by parmentierf
pyCatalog is a Python, MySQL, wxPython, Reportlab application specifically usable in library and information centers. It simply produces book catalog and card catalog in pdf format rendered using reportlab. The program takes MARC file as its source data.

by parmentierf & 13 others
Zope enables teams to collaborate in the creation and management of dynamic web-based business applications such as intranets and portals. It makes it easy to build features such as site search, news, personalization, and e-commerce into your web applis.

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