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Melkjug Project - OpenPlans

by greut (via)

Melkjug is a free open source web-based RSS news reader that personalizes your feeds to show you the most i­mportant stuff first.

CouchDB-based alternative to google reader, thanks to the state of NY.


Using Fixture To Test A Pylons SQLAlchemy App — fixture v1.0 documentation

by greut

This explains how to use fixture in the test suite of a simple Address Book application written in Pylons powered by two tables in a SQLite database via SQLAlchemy.

simple way to do unit testing with Pylons


Merging TurboGears and Pylons , Zope

by pvergain
It seems likely that TurboGears and Pylons will merge. This looks like a good thing. ... It’s conceivable, it was definitely discussed a few times as well. It wouldn’t be so much a merger in any sense, as more of a coalescing of common parts. –Ben Bangert (On the Pylons mailing list) So, yes we did spend quite a bit of time talking about this at PyCon. And yes the word merger was used, but if you’re looking for some kind of big bang switchover, I think you’ll be disappointed. From my perspective, the philosophical approach behind all of our discussions has been “The more we can share parts the better.” But we all have taken it one step further — were we have different ideas about how things should be done, we need to weigh the relative merits of maintaining those differences against what those differences cost us. In particular I’m thinking about the cost in terms of mantaining: * separate libraries * separate documentation efforts * separate mailing lists * separate bug tracking systems * decreased visibility in the wider web marketplace * and ultimately separate user communities. .... Surprisingly enough, this is also something we have in common with the Zope guys, who have created a lot of great stuff that none of us got to use because it was too tightly integrated with the Zope core. They have been spinning out components pretty regularly for the last couple of years, and we want to work together with them more. Obviously, we won’t merge with Zope, but I hope that we can work with them in lots of interesting ways to move the state of Python web development forward. I for one would like to have access to their Transaction manager for multi-database transactions, and I worked a bit with Zope guys last week on integrating Tosca Widgets into their Forms system. What I want is for there to be diversity where there are real differences, and unity where those differences don’t matter. We don’t want to limit either framework, but we don’t want to have pointless duplication of effort either. .... Or, if we’re smart enough, creative enough, and and flexible enough, we may end up as one framework. To quote a line from Terminator 2 “The future is not yet set. The future is what we make it.“ ....

AuthKit - WSGI Authentication and Authorization Tools

by pvergain (via)
AuthKit * Built for WSGI applications and middleware * Sophisticated and extensible permissions system * Built in support for HTTP basic, HTTP digest, form, cookie and OpenID authentication mehtods plus others. * Easily define users, passwords and roles * Designed to be totally extensible so you can use the components to integrate with a database, LDAP connection or your own custom system. * Plays nicely with the Pylons web framework.


Pylons Python Web Framework

by pvergain & 8 others (via)
Why use Pylons? Pylons combines the very best ideas from the worlds of Ruby, Python and Perl, providing a structured but extremely flexible Python web framework. It's also one of the first projects to leverage the emerging WSGI standard, which allows extensive re-use and flexibility — but only if you need it. Out of the box, Pylons aims to make web development fast, flexible and easy.

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