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October 2005

PyBlosxom - main site

by 13121982 & 2 others
PyBlosxom is a lightweight weblog system. It originally started out as a Python clone of Blosxom but has since evolved into a beast of its own. PyBlosxom focuses on three things: simplicity, extensibility, and community.

August 2005 - Homepage of Joe Topjian

by roberto
Tags is a plugin I put together because I couldn't fall asleep. If you've ever used Technorati,, or various Wordpress blogs where people have tagged entries, this does the same thing.

July 2005

configs/pyblosxom - Kindergarten Wiki

by roberto
Nice way of sharing an installation of Pyblosxom with multiple users/blogs.

March 2004

Sam Ruby: Blosxom excerpts

by roberto
Making excerpts with Blosxom.

February 2004

iPhoto2Typepad Demo working!

by roberto
My next project is porting this to b2 and pyblosxom.

January 2004

Where Blosxom and XML databases collide

by roberto
Comparison between (Py)blosxom and XPath.

by roberto
Pyblosxom comments to RSS2.


by roberto
Pyblosxom plugin for including bookmarks.

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