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October 2006


by sudoku & 2 others
Gives you a new free sudoku puzzles to play directly through your web browser every day. Also includes some sudoku variations like letter sudoku aka wordoku, sudoku puzzles for kids and samurai sudoku puzzles for experts sudoku players.

July 2006

Sudoku Hints | Puzzle Tips and Strategy

by bhakans
I used to think that Sudoku was boring. I was wrong and now I am totally hooked on the brain-teasers that are Sudoku games. This site is filled with sudoku hints.

Sudoku Puzzle - Easy - New York Times

by nackereia
The New York Times' Sudoku puzzle. They give out their hardest on Sunday.

Web Sudoku - Billions of Free Sudoku Puzzles to Play Online

by nackereia & 3 others
Play Sudoku online for free, and the computer will tell you if you have an error.

January 2006

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