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25 January 2007 17:45

Push Mobile Media (TM)

by dclemons
PUSHmobilemedia ® is a global mobile media company, specializing in delivering “rich mobile media” solutions to the publishing industry. Taking print magazines to the next level of distribution and user experience is a reality today. As an early adopter of intelligent mobile publishing technologies PUSHmobilemedia ® is working with leading content publishers who seek to expand their audience and deliver content to mobile phones. PUSHmobilemedia® has created a simple business solution for pushing rich media to mobile users. Business Focus According to Jupiter Research, the mobile entertainment market reached $17.6 billion in 2005, up by 71% from 2004. This growth was driven by the consumer demand for entertainment and personalization content on mobile phones, including ring-tones, images, music, games and other rich media content. According to recent market research, by 2008, worldwide sales of full-feature handsets will reach 290 million units (source: Zeros Group) and mobile video alone will account for $5.5 billion in global revenue (source: ARC Group). The mobile data services market could reach $698 billion in yearly sales by 2009, according to a recent CNN article. Today, the average mobile phone user is not just talking on the phone, in Europe over 50% of the time is spent on SMS messaging. The mobile work force is growing exponentially annually, the time users spend on their mobile devices online with non-voice activities is driving the emerging mobile content industry. Enabling technologies such as PUSHmobilemedia® provides easy entry for publishers to produce content and push content specifically for the mobile user. .MOBI (TDL) Mobile Sites Our baseline mobile service includes easy to use tools that design custom websites specifically designed for mobile delivery. MOBI is backed by 13 major players in the industry, including Ericsson, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, T-Mobile, and Vodafone among others. This is the new web frontier. MOBI (.mobi) will be the first TLD to require its customers to stick to rules on how their users' Web sites are developed. Our development follows these certification standards. The end results is a mobile web site that works across the mobile landscape. Mobile Magazine Tools With our basic publishing services and business model, the typical print magazine publisher can produce a mobile version of their magazine that meets the specifications of the multitude of handsets in the market today. Building rich mobile media page designed for a quality mobile experience. “PushMobi™” is a baseline tool that allows the publisher full rights to produce as much or as little content as they see fit for their mobile subscribers. Publishers can access the tools at the web site at no cost. This entry level tool allows the publisher immediate access in viewing their content online and in a simulated testing environment. The data or mobile magazine is stored at the hosting services named, this is based on a partnership between GoDADDY hosting services, Akamai and PUSHmobilemedia. PUSHmobilemedia® offers more advanced publishing services as well, such as video, the ultimate rich media pushed to mobile phones. We call this service PushVDO™. Based on the open source code project – MobileAgent™, we detect the user’s mobile phone unit and bandwidth prior to sending the desired file. This ensures the quality of the mobile user’s experience. PUSHmobilemedia is focused on: • Building mobile media publishing tools that empower traditional publishers to create rich media content specifically targeted for the mobile user. • Provide cost effective hosting services for all magazine based mobile content. • Develop key technologies such as MobileDNA™ the mobile intelligence required to make the mobile experience consistent and valuable to the mobile users. • Deliver key mobile video technologies. PushVDO™ “Our goal is to deliver simple tools that empower publishers to build rich mobile media for their mobile audience”, stated David Clemons Founder and president of PUSHmobilemedia. “We expect magazine publishers in every sector of public interest to gravitate into the mobile space. We have positioned PUSHmobilemedia as a simple entry point for these customers”.

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