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14 May 2005 14:45


by fox_b
Purple Numberについてのメモ

14 May 2005 14:30

Blue Oxen Associates: PurpleWiki

by fox_b (via)
PurpleWiki is a WikiWikiWeb implementation that adds purple numbers to paragraphs, headers, lists, and other fine-grained elements on a Wiki page. These numbers can be used to link to these elements. PurpleWiki may also be used as a document authoring system. Features include: (49T) Fine-grained addressability via purple numbers (49U) Transclusions (49V) Blog integration (MovableType and blosxom) (49W) Modular architecture for maximum customizability. (49X) PurpleWiki is derived from UseModWiki, an open source (GPL) Wiki written in Perl.

PurpleWiki: Home Page

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