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July 2006

MP3: Manic Street Preachers Discography - Part One: The First 3 Singles (1989-1991)

by runout_groove
first part in a new series of articles about the welsh indie rock band manic street preachers. this post focuses on the bands first three singles: suicide alley, new art riot and motown junk, and includes vintage photos and mp3s to download.

June 2006

Agenda Concerts Paris et Région Parisienne

by vodkacoca & 2 others
Au programme des sélections hebdos commentées avec sons, images, liens, etc. Et quelques extras!

WMBR - MIT | College Radio

by garret
MIT's student broadcasting station offers a wide range of great shows. Two standouts are: The Late Risers Club, a Punk Rock show that's been running for 25 years, and Breakfast of Champions. WMBR archives it's recent shows, so you can listen to them anytime.

May 2006

Medio Fiao - Página web oficial del grupo de Toledo

by HistoriasDelMotor
Página web del grupo de música de Toledo más conocido como los Medio Fiao.


by montblog
Vêtements et accessoires Punks

The Ongoing History of New Music | Radio Show/Podcast

by garret
"The Ongoing History of New Music is the longest running music documentary in Canada. Since its inception in 1993, Alan Cross the Program Director for 102.1 the Edge has written and produced 500 one hour episodes." [clickcaster]

"emo" becoming an new type of word

by arsatomix
we know emo is a type of music, and that now people are being called "emos" in the form of "you're an emo". So linguistically, what does this make the word emo? Originally it could be thought of as more of a genre of music and simply left at that, but with the evolution of the term it has grown to explore many new facets.

April 2006

L'armée des bonbons

by vodkacoca & 2 others
Coeurvert, Kania Tieffer, Jumbo Jet et dj Damie Boy viendront dans ta ville pour t'aider à guérir ton envie de regarder la télévision !

March 2006

: : G O G O L B O R D E L L O : :

by vodkacoca
Gogol Bordello Gipsy Punks Underdog World Strike

Kid's Cartel asso ... LE SILENCE ENDORT

by vodkacoca
Collectif ayant pour but l'organisation d'événement culturels, et la production artistique. Il a été crée avec le projet de produire, distribuer et promouvoir, des groupes de musique alternatif.

GLORIA CLUB - The Garage Scene in Paris - Concerts - 45t Vinyl DJs

by vodkacoca & 1 other
On y défend une certaine idée du rock n roll. On y écoute du Garage Rock. On y danse sur de la Northern ou de la Southern Soul. Le "DJ" n'y est certainement pas roi et les concerts en sont la condition sine qua non. Le vinyle y est recommandé et la hype bannie.


by vodkacoca
firstflow Le blog à quatre mains qu'il est sensass.

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