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Sixties - Aperçu - Clochix Labs

by Xavier Lacot
Sixties est une bibliothèque de classes PHP visant à implémenter la partie cliente de plusieurs extensions (XEP) du protocole XMPP (Jabber). Le but principal est de faciliter l'utilisation des fonctionnalités dites PubSub (XEP-0060). PubSub est un mécanisme permettant de publier des informations et d'envoyer des notifications lors d'évènements tels que la publication d'un contenu.


How to use ejabberd's pubsub module | ejabberd Community Site

by greut

Pubsub nodes are organized in a hierarchical tree, similar to a file system. mod_pubsub imposes a special structure on this tree. There is a special node, pubsub/nodes, that contains all other created nodes. Nodes of users have names like home/server/username/whatever. If you try to create a node whose name doesn't fit that pattern, you will get an error. If you don't specify a name (i.e. create an instant node), the server generates a name that fits this pattern

Some says that it's the future of feeds, at least server-to-server subscriptions.

Comet Daily » Blog Archive » The many shades of Bayeux/Cometd

by greut

Cometd Bayeux is a publish/subscribe messaging system, and this has drawn some criticism that PubSub is not the most flexible paradigm for an Ajax/Comet transport.


PubSub text séléctioné

by ycc2106

JEP-0173: Pubsub Subscription Storage

by digitalmonkey
"This JEP defines a protocol for storing subscriptions to Pubsub nodes".


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