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January 2006

Foreign Affairs - A Natural History of Peace - Robert M. Sapolsky

by mikepower
Contrary to what was believed just a few decades ago, humans are not "killer apes" destined for violent conflict, but can make their own history.

March 2005

How to Fall in Love in Three Minutes or Less

by mikepower
If you subscribe to the "instant gratification takes too long" school of thought, researchers have good news on the romance front: You can fall in love in three minutes -- or less. It seems that the heart wants what the heart wants -- and it can figure

November 2004

Are You A Comfort Addict?

by mikepower & 1 other
Do you find yourself unsatisfied, but unable to work out why? Is everything okay, but nothing great? You could well be a comfort addict.

Superman too super a role model

by mikepower
Superman is too good a role model. Fans of the man from Krypton unwittingly compare themselves to the superhero, and realise they do not measure up. And as a result, they are less likely to help other people. Researchers made the discovery whilst exami

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