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Linux development on the PlayStation 3, Part 1: More than a toy

by ogrisel (via)
The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) runs Linux®, but getting it to run well requires some tweaking. In this article, first in a series, Peter Seebach introduces the features and benefits of PS3 Linux, and explains some of the issues that might benefit from a bit of tweaking


Sony PS3 Cluster (IBM Cell BE)

by ogrisel (via)
Description (pics included) of a Sony PS3 cluster running Linux at NCSU with useful links to resources for programming on the PS3.

Insomniac Games: R&D

by nachilau
A website which setup by Insomniac talking about the PS3 R&D

Cell Programming Workshop at Georgia Tech

by ogrisel (via)
On Tuesday, February 6, 2007 the College of Computing at Georgia Tech will host a one-day IBM Cell Programming Workshop run by Hema Reddy, Cell Solutions Engineer at IBM Cell Ecosystem & Solutions Enablement. The workshop consists of a series of lectures and hands-on exercises in a Cell development environment to familiarize the students with Cell basic programming skills.



The Technology Suits

by monstershp
Technology Suits offers a lighthearted insight into the news items and topics being discussed on the business side of things, in industry only groups and private membership boards.

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