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Scroogle Scraper

by ycc2106
For Scroogle, SSL is used to hide your search terms. Your IP address is dropped before your search terms are sent to Google. In case of "employer spyware" packages such as Websense. If you use Wi-Fi and you haven't set up your router for secure operation, or in some countries, the government could be monitoring your web activity.


Set Up Gateway Level Virus Security With ClamAV And SafeSquid Proxy | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

by camel
In this HowTo, I will explain how you can secure your network from virus and other malware, by installing ClamAV and integrating it with SafeSquid, to scan all in-coming content for virus, and block all infected content at the HTTP Gateway, even before it enters your network. Virus Security In SafeSquid SafeSquid has built-in connectivity to various daemon based anti virus software like ClamAV, Sophos, Avast, F-Prot, NOD32 and Kaspersky. It also has a universal ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) client that can be used to connect to ICAP based security software like Dr.Web ICAP, Kaspersky Antivirus for Proxy Server, Trend Micro InterScan Web Security and Symantec Scan Engine. You can even use multiple anti virus software with SafeSquid to simultaneously scan in-coming content. This does not cause any significant latency, since SafeSquid has a multi-threaded architecture.

Apsis Gmbh

by camel & 2 others
The Pound program is a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end for Web server(s). Pound was developed to enable distributing the load among several Web-servers and to allow for a convenient SSL wrapper for those Web servers that do not offer it natively. Pound is distributed under the GPL - no warranty, it's free to use, copy and give away. WHAT POUND IS: 1. a reverse-proxy: it passes requests from client browsers to one or more back-end servers. 2. a load balancer: it will distribute the requests from the client browsers among several back-end servers, while keeping session information. 3. an SSL wrapper: Pound will decrypt HTTPS requests from client browsers and pass them as plain HTTP to the back-end servers. 4. an HTTP/HTTPS sanitizer: Pound will verify requests for correctness and accept only well-formed ones. 5. a fail over-server: should a back-end server fail, Pound will take note of the fact and stop passing requests to it until it recovers. 6. a request redirector: requests may be distributed among servers according to the requested URL. Pound is a very small program, easily audited for security problems. It can run as setuid/setgid and/or in a chroot jail. Pound does not access the hard-disk at all (except for reading the certificate file on start, if required) and should thus pose no security threat to any machine.


OPENTRUST Trust & Security Software - Reverse Proxy (IDX-PAM)

by camel (via)
Développée avec la Mairie de Paris et l’INSERM, la solution OpenTrust-PAM (Portal Access Manager) d’IdealX est désormais libre au téléchargement sous licence GPL. OpenTrust PAM est un « reverse-proxy », assurant le SSO (Single Sign On), qui interagit avec les systèmes d’authentification des applications mises à disposition, grâce aux protocoles Web.

FREE anonymous MySpace unblocked Proxy Ds + FREE Video Download

by ieee1294
Downloading videos directly to your computer from MySpace, YouTube, Google Video etc. Browse the internet using anonymous proxy site / server to hide your information such as identity, physical location etc. Visit =) Free Anonymouse HTTP proxy!

by index allows you to bypass local proxies and security restrictions and surf blocked sites or simply surf privately and securely without need to install any software on your computer. If you browse the web through the website can not find your real IP address. And you also need not to configure or update anything locally, everything is prepared and working.

Squid content filtering

by lecyborg
Bloquer et interdire l'accès a certains fichiers avec Squid, le proxy. Ici exemple pour la musique et les vidéos.

by lecyborg & 1 other
Un autre proxy anonyme avec pas mal d'options

Free Proxy

by lecyborg
Un proxy gratuit qui marche pas trop mal



by nomadcom1 & 3 others (via)
Provider of Unified Threat Management Solutions Which Protect Against Hackers, Spyware, Phishing and Virus Attacks, Worms and Spam.

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