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Symfony 1.4 on Git HOWTO (Part 1) « Kahel-AMP!

by Xavier Lacot
A small guide on how to use Symfony with git. Not sure everything is ready for this switch, particularly on the plugins and externals side...


PHPExcel - OpenXML - Create Excel2007 documents in PHP - Spreadsheet engine - Home

by camel & 5 others
Project providing a set of classes for the PHP programming language, which allow you to write to Excel 2007 files and read from Excel 2007 files. This project is built around Microsoft's OpenXML standard and PHP. Checkout the Features this class set provides, such as setting spreadsheet meta data (author, title, description, ...), multiple worksheets, different fonts and font styles, cell borders, fills, gradients, adding images to your spreadsheet and much, much more!


by camel & 12 others (via)
ProjectPier is a Free, Open-Source, self-hosted PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface. ProjectPier will help your organization communicate, collaborate and get things done Its function is similar to commercial groupware/project management products, but allows the freedom and scalability of self-hosting. Even better, it will always be free.


Hardened-PHP Project - PHP Security - Suhosin (BETA-VERSION)

by camel & 2 others (via)
Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PHP installations. It was designed to protect servers and users from known and unknown flaws in PHP applications and the PHP core. Suhosin comes in two independent parts, that can be used separately or in combination. The first part is a small patch against the PHP core, that implements a few low-level protections against bufferoverflows or format string vulnerabilities and the second part is a powerful PHP extension that implements all the other protections.

Sourceforge Project Of The Day » Blog Archive » Project: iFolder

by isiah
Sourceforge Project Of The Day - iFolder (FTP Alternative; web-based php file & folder maniuplation) i.e. web-based file manager

more.groupware - The free web based groupware solution written in PHP: Home

by fredbird & 3 others
We are glad to welcome you on the more.groupware website. The project aims to be a complete web-based groupware application based on open source components like PHP, MySQL and Apache. It features most of the things you'd expect from such an application, read more on the following pages.


Hardened-PHP Project - PHP Security - Hardening patch

by camel
The Hardening-Patch is a patchset that adds security hardening features to PHP to protect your servers on the one hand against a number of well known problems in PHP applications and on the other hand against potential unknown vulnerabilities within those applications or the PHP core itself.

PHP Collaboration Project

by KoshigoeBushou

by sylvain & 1 other
PHPeclipse installation for Eclipse 3.x


by fredbird & 4 others
phpCollab is an open-source internet-enabled collaboration workspace for project teams.

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